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Personnel management is the most challenging component in today¡¦s operation management.
Fingerprint is the unique identification, the odds are two identical fingerprints can be traced among 10 millions fingerprints. More importantly, fingerprints are unlike secret code, there is no pattern or format as alphanumeric code which warrants fingerprints to be an unique idenfication. Advanced fingerprint reader can scan 3-D ridges and valleys of fingers which is crucial in distinguishing live human fingerprints. This technology eliminates all fraud in cheating to gain access. Fingerprint reader is proved to be the most effective, efficient and reliable device to verify identity for effective personnel management.


Iris reader is another innovative device to verify identity of authorized personnel. A detailed close-up of the iris of each authorized person is captured into the system. The Biometric software then makes a template of the iris pattern, and stores it in the system. To verify identity later, an individual simply 'looks into' a specialized iris camera located at a designated access point. The system matches the patterns in the individual's iris against the templates stored in the system to allow access.

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